One Night in Zim: An Erotic Thriller- Q&A Panelist Evaluation (April 4th, 2011)

In Q&A Evaluations on April 4, 2011 by mjwill91

Couldn't Resist.... *all glory to the hypno-toad*

Topics: Libya, Foreign Relations, Afghanistan, Iraq, The Carbon Price/Tax, The ALP

Robert Manne – writer and academic

Manne is sort of like ‘alternate Pilger’ isn’t he? It’s like: ‘oh, Pilger isn’t available, get Manne’. But he’s not as good as Pilger, is he? I give him 3.5 Pilger’s out of 4. Which means if you go to my Pilger eval. you can work out what Manne’s score is.

Kevin Rudd – Foreign Affairs Minister

Kevin Rudd. Social Media Darling. Milky-Bar Kid. Terrifying Terminator-esque Robot. Boring Librarian. The many hats of our ex-Prime Minister. I think they’d be few people who’d disagree with the statement that Kevin Rudd circa 2007 – Kevin07 was a media (both old and new/ social) darling. He easily waltzed into Federal Parliament- a ‘Ruddslide’. I also think they’d be few who’d disagree with the statement that as a PM he became half Ruddbott half Barbara from BankWorld. On tonight’s show Rudd displayed the skill that made him a darling in 07. He was personable, jocular (not Garrett jocular) and displayed the weird ‘Rudd Quirk’ that we all love/despise/fear to some degree. The ALP should be in damage control tonight. Rudd absolutely threw the party under an bus- pulled them out, gave mouth to mouth & brought them back to life, before throwing them under another bus. He was absolutely scathing of the party, but of course- that wasn’t surprising. Interesting notes: Zimbabwe is Zim. Rudd and Bishop met in Zim. A steamy African night, only one mosquito net- they had to share a single bed. It was never spoken off again. Rating: 7.9/10

Julie Bishop – Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister


Patron Deity of the Death-Stare. We all waited in rapt anticipation for one one of her patented death-stares… alak, the only one we got was a ‘mini-death-stare’ when the audience started laughing at her ‘no carbon tax under the government i lead’ rant. She kept up the faux-Rudd lovin’ that the Coalition have been peddling, a strange tactic- but worthwhile. Bishop is somewhat moderate. She also makes sense, unlike her bicycle-mad leader. A good panelist. Hope to see her back soon. Rating: 7/10

Jeff Bleich – US Ambassador to Australia

Wasn’t a fan of Bleich. His insistence that the US wasn’t an empire was absolutely laughable. A TOTAL non-panelist. Not even worth rating. Rating:  0/10

Louise Adler – political publisher

A political publisher that isn’t a right-wing hack? That’s a bit different. I enjoyed Adler- often playing ‘devils-advocate’ to the other panelists. She wasn’t really all that used, which was a shame, because she seemed an intelligent & moderate person- an increasingly rare commodity. Rating 6.5/10

The ‘Winner’ of the episode however was The Silver Fox, who slipped this sly question to Rudd in at the end of the show,

“Were you overwhelmed by the tide of other’s ambitions?”


I’ll leave you with a video of the ‘famous’ Bishop Death-Stare:


Night All!

– Matt @mjwill90


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