Post #qanda review- May 23rd 2011

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After a prolonged absence from writing these weekly Q & A summaries caused by sheer lackadaisicalness, some sort of ennui related to pointless bickering and the discovery of pornographic Doctor Who fanfiction- I’m back! (kidding re: porn, i was just very lazy and couldn’t be bothered to swap to ABC24… although I’m pretty sure Doctor Who porn fanfic exists, the internet is a filthy place as Gail will attest to i’m sure)

Ok, tonight is Sydney Writer’s Festival themed, so for once we don’t have a panel filled with self interested politicians (rather we have self-interested writers, yay- change is a good thing)

Issues: Pornography, the Self-Hating Jew and “Labeling”

Michael Cunningham – Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Hours 

An interesting panelist, who would have been better if it didn’t sound like he was baked out of his mind for the first half of the show. He gave some great insights in the porn debate, offering us the position of the gay pornography consumer, a position that is often overlooked and frankly is a position that i’ve never considered before.

Also, i never realised that there was such a thing as “Obama underwear” – you learn something new every day. Rating 5.5/10 (minus 1 point for being stoned)

Gail Dines – Feminist, anti-pornography academic and writer 

Oh, wow. Well… what to say about Gail Dines…. well- this afternoon when I was still uncommitted re: watching Q & A and I asked Twitter to decide whether or not I should watch it tonight, I received multiple tweets expressing basically the same sentiments,

Gail Dines will be there to say some wacky shit.

  • @cosmicjester

I thought, hmmm- interesting, but I still wasn’t sold on the idea until:

Chances are Dines is going to make you want to watch lots of porn. So, you know, you may want to organise that 

  • @dearhumanity


Oh. Wow. Apparently men are evil, porn-consuming monsters- out to rape and destroy and cause anal-prolapses. I’ll be sure to remember that next time i log onto GagOnMyCock. FFS.

I especially “enjoyed” her rants, in particular the one comparing suing pharmaceutical companies for shonky medications to suing pornography producing companies for creating “damaging porn” – it was quite lulzy.

I don’t like people. Everyone knows this. Rarely does someone piss me off so much that I’m literally incapable to write cogently about them, congrats Gail- you do.

She is literally EVERYTHING that is wrong with the off-shoot “men are evil” feminist movement. I’ll go further- she’s everything that’s wrong with modern society, personified.

Rating NA/10 – I couldn’t bring myself to rate this poor excuse of a human being.

Brendan Cowell – Actor, screenwriter and author 

Another interesting panelist. I don’t think anyone was really “boring” this week… saying that he was chronically under-utilised. I did however enjoy how his jovial attitude towards sex seemed to get under Gail’s skin. Anyone that annoys Gail is someone that I have time for. 5/10

Howard Jacobson – Man Booker Prize winning author of The Finkler Question 

Wow. Jacobson was far more interesting that I gave him credit for before tonight’s program. His insistence that the male mind was a “dark evil forest” or something of that ilk was frankly unwarranted, or at least ill advised considering he seemed to lack the ability to understand that women consume porn as well. Perhaps his message would have been better if he was capable to see both sides of the argument.

His “coming out” rant at the end of the program was frankly odd, and probably a little offensive. Mainly odd. Actually a little creepy. Rating 4.5/10

Leslie Cannold – WOOO!!!! – ethicist turned novelist 

Can I actually talk impartially about Leslie Cannold? Hmmm…. No. Because she’s awesome. If you don’t follow her on Twitter already… DO IT! @LeslieCannold – there you go, that’s her “handle” or “@name” or whatever you want to call it. Follow. Now. Stop reading, go to Twitter- follow her then come back.

On probably the oddest panel ever, Leslie was a refreshing voice of “normality” Her refutation of some of the more insane points of Dine’s argument (read: all of Dine’s arguments) was BRILLIANT. As was Leslie’s counter-argument that the pigeonholing of men and women into stereotypical abuser/abused roles actually does more damage to the feminist movement that pornography.

I’d love to go into depth in a while about this topic, remind me ok?

Leslie Cannold. Great Q & A panelist or BEST Q & A panelist? I think the latter of the two. She was clearly the “winner”, the best panelist this week, probably the best panelist this year. 9.5/10 – Please come back Leslie. Soon.

Oh my!

-Matt. @mjwill90


3 Responses to “Post #qanda review- May 23rd 2011”

  1. Missed most of QandA tonight but saw last 15 mins or so. Certainly a colourful mob tonight. I agree that Cunningham looked off his tree. As someone who believes the word Slut should disappear from the English language, I agreed with Gail about the Slutwalk thing. Didn’t agree with calling it Perpwalk…that’s just silly. Would have liked to see what she said about pornography too. I’m not a big fan of that either but it seems that Gail went over the top to the point of pretty much insulting all men in the world.
    I’ll most certainly be watching it online asap!!

  2. Definitely worth a look it was a great episode, if a little weird. My problem with Gail’s anti-porn crusade is that it’s based on a misconception “that pornography has only been around since the 1950s” and that you can track society’s degradation from that point on and the argument (which she says she doesn’t propose on one hand, but then in the next breath basically says it) that pornography is akin to rape, and that it’s consumers are rapists.

    Cunningham was…. clearly under the influence of some mild altering substance.

    Leslie was brilliant.

  3. Nice summary. I went to bed angry last night, and I blame 50% of that on gail dines (the other 50% on the entrepreneur couple from the amazing race). She was a nutter, and rightfully disputed on a number of her arguments.

    Post some dr who porn links when you find some….but no gonzo.

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