Post #qanda review- May 30th 2011

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I’m in quite an officious mood tonight, so I decided to “structure” my post-#qanda evaluation a little more rigidly than usually. For each panelist there is a section discussing any sort of bias I have towards them before the episode, a section discussing their individual contributions (positive and negative) to the conversation and a section which evaluates their performance. Give me feedback as to whether or not you like this new set-up and i MIGHT take it on board.

Topics: Carbon Cate, Carbon Pricing, Liberal Leadership tension, inhumane treatment of asylum seekers and live export cattle.

<Ok. Well. WordPress devoured my original 2000 odd word uber-evaluation like it was… i don’t know- some sort of incredibly rude metaphor… umm ….. semen & ejaculate material at a bukkake party? I don’t know- nor do i really care. So, this one will be of lesser quality. If you have a problem with it, go die. Seriously. Not in the mood>

Joe Hildebrand – News Ltd. Columnist & “hand model”

Pre Episode Impressions: 

I have high hopes coming into this that Hildebrand will be memorable. He’s proven in the past on shows like Sky News’ Paul Murray Live that he can be an interesting and topical guest whilst also being funny. I EXPECT GREAT THINGS. Hopefully he can live up to his “thinking-man’s Chaser” title… that I just gave him.

Contribution to the discussion: 

Joe works for News Ltd. An entity that I regard with varying levels of contempt. Saying that, he did a good job defending The Daily Telegraph from the hooting of Rundle, who seems to think that News Ltd. is somewhat akin to cancer. Personally I prefer to think of News Ltd. like the Death Star. Sure it’s a weapon of mass destruction and a symbol of tyrannical oppression (especially if you had cousins who lived on Alderaan), but imagine for a minute the 100 000 000 or so people who lived on the Death Star. To them, it was just “Home”.

Oh, and he needs to be applauded for this quote here- possibly the most brilliant thing. ever, (paraphrased b/c wordpress wiped the original)

“Malcolm Turnbull is like Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He’s all, I have a brain the size of a planet, and yet I have to go to divisions, sigh”

Post Episode Wrap-Up & Evaluation:

Brilliant panelist. Was able to balance joviality against seriousness, something whats-his-face from The Chaser was largely unable to do. Long overdue panelist. Hope to see him back there soon.

Rating: 7/10

George Brandis – Shadow Attorney-General

Pre Episode Impressions: 

I really don’t like Brandis. Fair warning- nothing he says tonight is likely to get me to change my views on him. He’s a horrible little negative man, someone troll-like or as I like to call it “Grahame Morris-esque”. I expect nothing but anti-government this, anti-carbon tax that. Unfortunately this seems like all we can expect from our current alternative-government at the moment. Disappointing.

Contribution to the discussion: 

When granddad begins forgetting things, you send him to a home. When a horse is nearing the end of its usefulness, you either put it out to pasture or sell it to the dog food/ glue factory for $50. “Where is he going with this?”, you ask. Well. Brandis is that granddad. Brandis is that horse. Let’s give him a nice feed-bag of oats and let him look at fillies all day.

Brandis was adamant that his party at no time in it’s history has supported putting a price on carbon… Well… Howard’s proposed ETS waaaay back in 2006/07 was effectively “pricing carbon”. Under the helm of Turnbull the Coalition (or parts of it) backed Rudd’s ETS- ALSO technically a “price on carbon”. So either Brandis is lying, or he’s lost the last 4 or so years of his life. Either way, perhaps it’s time for him to move aside.

We should probably also call Brandis’ eye-sight into question- because apparently he can’t see any leadership tension in the Liberal Party…. Bitch, please. Someone with severe autism could pick up on the fact that everything isn’t all smiles and rainbows in the shadow cabinet. I suppose we really shouldn’t be surprised, I mean even if he was staring into a “leadership chasm” he’d be unlikely to report it/ talk on national TV about it, would he?

Post Episode Wrap-Up & Evaluation:

Brilliantly ineffectual. Wasted space on the panel. We seriously could have just got a recording of Tony Abbott refuting things, saying “no” and being borderline offensive and saved on Brandis’ air-fares. I didn’t expect anything, so i’m not really disappointed. It seems that to have an interesting, independently thinking Liberal Party MP on the panel we’d need to invite Malcolm Turnbull back… Which isn’t a bad idea. I for one welcome out aristocratic, merchant banker overlord (ping Mr Citizen Cam, Esquire.)

Rating: 2/10

Kate Lundy – Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister

Pre Episode Impressions: 

Don’t know much about Kate Lundy. I suppose you could say that for a politician, that’s both a good and a bad thing. Saying that, i’m probably likely to support her, because I tend to fall left of centre at a push- despite wanting to remain as centre as possible

Contribution to the discussion: 

Woah. Ok. I was way off. One word. Rude. When asked the perfectly reasonable question “why does the government ridicule and vilify people who don’t believe in human induced climate change instead of working with them in open and productive discussion” she jumped down the audience member’s throat and began a whole “in 2007 we received an outright mandate to act on climate change and in 2010 we received a nominal mandate to act on climate change” rant. Hey Kate, did you hear the question? It wasn’t unreasonable. There are people out there who don’t believe in AGW, and instead of ridiculing them as “flat earthers” it’d make more sense to go out there and educate them.

Continued wow: She HATES The Greens… or at least she’s been told not to be friendly about them in public. I counted three separate occasions when she chucked the government’s new bed-partners underneath the gorram bus. Yes. If the Greens hadn’t got all “it’s my way or the highway” when it came to Rudd’s ETS, not only would we be on the verge of having an ETS (1 month, 2 days away in fact) but we’d also still have Rudd as PM. So sure, there’s bound to be animosity there- but keep it in private, ok? Laughing heartily as Rundle tried to explain why The Greens were important does nothing for you image.

Post Episode Wrap-Up & Evaluation:

Disappointed that a Labor Senator would sink to the sort of cheap, disgusting stunts, disregard of genuine questions and outright pettiness that wouldn’t be out of place if Barnaby Joyce or Christopher Pyne (dear lord, next week *tear*) were on the program.

Rating: 4/10

Guy Rundle – Columnist for “Crikey

Pre Episode Impressions: 

Never heard of him… well not before the run up to the show where I was “kindly warned” that I might need some sort of receptacle in which to store my upwardly expelled stomach contents.

Contribution to the discussion: 

Did he really contribute that much? Sure, he attacked News Ltd. (or was that not-News Unlimited? I don’t know- it wasn’t very funny, clever or memorable) at every given opportunity, but he didn’t really offer much, especially when compared to the other panelists.

Post Episode Wrap-Up & Evaluation:

Non-person in the episode. It was disappointing. I went to all the trouble to acquire a receptacle in which to store my upwardly expelled stomach contents, but didn’t need to use it.

Rating: 4/10

Jackie Kelly – former Liberal Party Minister 

Pre Episode Impressions: 

Not great. I’m not a fan of Jackie Kelly. She’s one of the few politicians that has the ability to annoy me long after they’ve exited parliament.

Contribution to the discussion: 

“I live in Sydney. It’s costs a lot of money. I can’t afford petrol for my Lexus, or underfloor heating for my newly renovated rumpus room. Working families are taxed too much. I don’t know exactly what a working family is- are they the people that tend to my pores at the spa?”

Saying that, her support and PRAISE even of Malcolm Turnbull as “the smartest man in politics” endeared her to me. Slightly. It’s nice to see someone on the right not saying “the Coalition front bench is a bromance, nothing is wrong- please look away now so we can continue kicking each other under the table”. It’s nice to see someone on the right suggesting that Turnbull’s “intentions’ are not exactly “pure”.

Post Episode Wrap-Up & Evaluation:

Jackie Kelly’s overall performance had it’s highs and lows. She wasn’t as ardently right wing as I remember her being – perhaps that says more about me than her. Her realistic interpretation of the Turnbull Situation was a refreshing, honest view from the right. Finally. Saying that, her constant whining about cost of living was really off-putting.

Flippancy + Punny-ness = #qanda SHOUT-OUT!

– Matt. @mjwill90

Rating: 5/10


3 Responses to “Post #qanda review- May 30th 2011”

  1. I like this structure Matt! I thought the show was a bit boring tonight. I was more entertained and informed by the tweets..congrats on getting on there btw….
    Sick of hearing about Carbon Cate..I mean, so what? A celeb supports a cause! Big woop! Carbon Pricing …just thought, here we go again…I thought the best question was the one about the treatment of asylum seekers vs treatment of live exports..clever.

    Good one sir. Keep it up!

  2. I just re-read my comment ..let me clarify..I think Cate supporting Carbon Tax is a good thing..I just don’t get why all the fuss is being made over her involvement..Thats all!! 🙂

  3. A fuss is being made because the Opposition can’t help but criticise everything and everyone that doesn’t support them/ their view. Sure they’re like “no, we aren’t criticising Cate” – but it took all of 15 minutes in #QT yesterday for Abbott to begin ranting about her “Solar Powered Mansion”.

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

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