Post-#qanda evaluation: Gen Y Special Edition

In Q&A Evaluations on June 20, 2011 by mjwill91

Topics: Gen Y apathy, Marriage Equality, Rudd & Gillard, MEMES!!!!, Climate Change


@ruslankogan – CEO Kogan Technologies  

Pre Episode Impressions:

It’s pritE sAf 2 sA dat Ruslan hz a gud hed on Hs shoulders, wethR o not he’ll b abL 2 eqQ8 Hs Biz smarts 2 d sort of “god knows what’s goin 2 b askd next” natuR of #qanda iz yt 2 b seen, bt I’m quite hopeful. Also: Hs pictuR on wikipedia hz him warin a shirt, adorned w a quote frm Ayn Rand… How awesum iz that?

Translation: It’s pretty safe to say that Ruslan has a good head on his shoulders, whether or not he’ll be able to equate his business smarts to the sort of “god knows what’s going to be asked next” nature of #qanda is yet to be seen, but I’m quite hopeful. Also: his picture on wikipedia has him wearing a shirt, adorned with a quote from Ayn Rand… How awesome is that?

Contribution to the discussion:

Kogan spent most of Hs tym floatin somwher rownd d centre-right, whch wz an intRStN positN 2 tAk. Clearly a Biz mind, less likely 2 shoot dwn viral videos az simpl web weirdnss, rather apprec’n thR plAc n marketing & d digital econ, somTIN dat of corS Kogan iz mo thN qualified 2 comment on.

Kogan’s defense of social privacy – dat “you chuse 2 use, U tAk d risks- don’t complain f somTIN hpns f U chuse 2 actively share online”.

Translation: Kogan spent most of his time floating somewhere around the centre-right, which was an interesting position to take. Clearly a business mind, less likely to shoot down viral videos as simple internet weirdness, rather appreciating their place in marketing and the digital economy, something that of course Kogan is more than qualified to comment on.

Kogan’s defense of social privacy – that “you choose to use, you take the risks- don’t complain if something happens if you choose to actively share online”.

“You could register at” …. *Tony glares angrily*

Post Episode Wrap-Up & Evaluation:

Despite copping a fair bit of flak 4 saying dat he wz a climate-change sceptic, I’d hav 2 sA dat az a whol I enjoyed Kogan’s input. Frankly I’d lIk 2 find out Y ppl felt it wz appropriate 2 boo SOME1 4 simply expressing dat dey aren’t 100% sold on d idea of climate change? Seriously? He isn’t saying he doesn’t tink dat climate chAng iz real, he sed he expressed doubt & wntd 2 Lern more- & 4 dat he wz booed… sumtimz d “ideological purity” (to steal SOME1 phrase) of dEz ppl iz mighty disheartening.

Translation: Despite copping a fair bit of flak for saying that he was a climate-change sceptic, I’d have to say that as a whole I enjoyed Kogan’s input. Frankly I’d like to find out why people felt it was appropriate to boo someone for simply expressing that they aren’t 100% sold on the idea of climate change? Seriously? He isn’t saying he doesn’t think that climate change is real, he said he expressed doubt & wanted to learn more- and for that he was booed… Sometimes the “ideological purity” (to steal someone phrase) of these people is mighty disheartening.

Rating: 5.5/10


@samahhadid – UN Youth Representative, human rights activist

Pre Episode Impressions:

f Samah iz NEthing lIk she wz wen she wz lst on #qanda n Feb, I tink we cn fairly certan n d predctN that, 1. She’ll b an informative & perspicacious panelist, & 2. dat she’ll most likely b d panelist lEst likely 2 says “totez”. Her performance durN her lst appearance on d shO wz brilliant & d way she handLD herself wen bullied by Piers “Pigs” Akerman wz az enjoyable az it wz affirmative. d affirmation dat despite stereotypes, ther R smrt & weL engaged Gen Y’ers out ther.

Translation: If Samah is anything like she was when she was last on #qanda in February, I think we can fairly certain in the prediction that, 1. She’ll be an informative and perspicacious panelist, and 2. That she’ll most likely be the panelist least likely to says “totez”. Her performance during her last appearance on the show was brilliant & the way she handled herself when bullied by Piers “Pigs” Akerman was as enjoyable as it was affirmative. The affirmation that despite stereotypes, there are smart and well engaged Gen Y’ers out there.

Contribution to the discussion:

1ce agen Samah wz d vox of rEsN. Saying that, ther wasn’t any1 dat unreasonable on tonight’s panel- duz dat mAbE hav somTIN 2 do w d fact dat evry1 iz Gen Y? duz it pRhaps sugest dat Gen Y iz less partisan dat X & d Boomers? I’d lIk 2 tink so. Her suport of reforms 2 d ALPs “revolving door” leadership & pRT organs wz wlcm.

Translation: Once again Samah was the voice of reason. Saying that, there wasn’t anyone that unreasonable on tonight’s panel- does that maybe have something to do with the fact that everyone is Gen Y? Does it perhaps suggest that Gen Y is less partisan that X and the Boomers? I’d like to think so. Her support of reforms to the ALPs “revolving door” leadership and party organs was welcome.

“A lot of reality TV shows are lets face it, crap”


Post Episode Wrap-Up & Evaluation:

NothA gr8 contribution by Samah Hadid. Her arguments DIS tym around, whilst stil good, lack d sAm sort of well-thought-out-ness dat dey did lst tym. Her argument dat d “Say Yes” rallies wer BetA representations of d wider communities views re: d carbon P$ thN Galaxy, Nielsen & Newspoll wz mo thN a ltl flawed.

Translation: Another great contribution by Samah Hadid. Her arguments this time around, whilst still good, lack the same sort of well-thought-out-ness that they did last time. Her argument that the “Say Yes” rallies were better representations of the wider communities views re: the carbon price than Galaxy, Nielsen and Newspoll was more than a little flawed.

Rating: 6/10


@joshthomas87– Comedian

Pre Episode Impressions:

Overall, Josh Thomas iz a pritE fune guy- he’s also apparently a gud cook. However: wethR o not he hz d smarts 2 Ans insightfully 2nt iz yt 2 b cn. I’ve yt 2 “forgive” him 4 bn Gen Y’s rep on TAYG, mainly cuz he sorta looks lIk d stereotypical, wild-haired, ADHD suffering Gen Y’er stereotype, somTIN weL wrth getin rid of.

Translation: Overall, Josh Thomas is a pretty funny guy- he’s also apparently a good cook. However: whether or not he has the smarts to answer insightfully tonight is yet to be seen. I’ve yet to “forgive” him for being Gen Y’s rep on TAYG, mainly because he sorta looks like the stereotypical, wild-haired, ADHD suffering Gen Y’er stereotype, something well worth getting rid of.

Contribution to the discussion:

Hs :-Q 2 Jones “Is Baillieu Liberal” sort of sums ^ aL d h8 I hav towards d a-polity of sectors of my gnr8n. Saying that, DIS wz EzalE forgiven by Hs impassioned (but stil ultim8lE Josh Thomas-ey awkward) monologue n suport of mariG equality, & how d mariG Act az it stands currently actually reenforces undRlyN homophobia n society.

Translation: His question to Jones “Is Baillieu Liberal” sort of sums up all the hate I have towards the a-polity of sectors of my generation. Saying that, this was easily forgiven by his impassioned (but still ultimately Josh Thomas-ey awkward) monologue in support of marriage equality, and how the Marriage Act as it stands currently actually reenforces underlying homophobia in society.

“What frightens me the most is the lack of compassion towards these [boat] people”

Post Episode Wrap-Up & Evaluation:

wz ultim8lE :-O dat Thomas wz (mostly) abL 2 kEp ^ & contribute intellectually 2 d discussion. I tink I mite evN b abL 2 4giv him 4 Hs terrible hair.

Translation: Was ultimately surprised that Thomas was (mostly) able to keep up and contribute intellectually to the discussion. I think I might even be able to forgive him for his terrible hair.

Rating: 6/10


@faustinathefuzz – TV Host 

Pre Episode Impressions:

Ok, I swear dat DIS iz goin 2 mAk me swNd lIk som sort of evil, racially profiling racist, bt I alwys mstake Faustina Agolley 4 d leadR ;-o of Sneaky swNd System, Connie Mitchell- Xcpt Faustina’s ‘fro iz fR mo impreSiv & luscious.

Translation: Ok, I swear that this is going to make me sound like some sort of evil, racially profiling racist, but I always mistake Faustina Agolley for the leader singer of Sneaky Sound System, Connie Mitchell- except Faustina’s ‘fro is far more impressive & luscious.

Contribution to the discussion:

“Fuzzy” t%k d “voice of d centre-left”, a supporter of socially progressiveness bt a social privacy advoc8 dat gave a gud argument agAnst d creation of an overly lRg digital footprint. wen it comes 2 d digital footprint, my “handle” @mjwill90 takes ^ evry sngL pg on g%gle wen searched- bt wen inputting my actual name, not a sngL rEzlt n d 1st 18+ pages (even wen filtered 2 “from Australia”) iz me.

Translation: “Fuzzy” took the “voice of the centre-left”, a supporter of socially progressiveness but a social privacy advocate that gave a good argument against the creation of an overly large digital footprint. When it comes to the digital footprint, my “handle” @mjwill90 takes up EVERY single page on Google when searched- but when inputting my actual name, not a single result in the first 18+ pages (even when filtered to “from Australia”) is me.

“Marriage should be between Love and Love”

Post Episode Wrap-Up & Evaluation:

ultim8lE a gud panelist. Actually, ther wer n bad panelists 2nt. Fuzzy’s suport of mariG equality & social progression, coupled w her pashN 4 on9 protection (ie. overshare) – bt her rejection of government creatD censorship infrastructure endeared her 2 me.

Translation: Ultimately a good panelist. Actually, there were no bad panelists tonight. Fuzzy’s support of marriage equality and social progression, coupled with her passion for online protection (ie. overshare) – but her rejection of government created censorship infrastructure endeared her to me.

Rating: 5.5/10


@jameswpaterson – Associate Editor of the IPA Review 

Pre Episode Impressions:

I’ve n previous knowLdG of DIS panelist. @ aL.

Translation: I’ve no previous knowledge of this panelist. At all.

Contribution to the discussion:

Blew d horn 4 d yung Liberals lowd & strong, although- dat wz a given, & unlike mbrs of d “actual” Liberal pRT he seemed 2 b socially progressive- I mean, since wen hz SOME1 somwot aSoC8D cum out & sed dat dey suport mariG equality, w/o slipping n “but won’t SOME1 pls tink of d archdiocese?”.

Translation: Blew the horn for the Young Liberals loud and strong, although- that was a given, and unlike members of the “actual” Liberal Party he seemed to be socially progressive- I mean, since when has someone somewhat associated come out and said that they support marriage equality, without slipping in “but won’t someone please think of the archdiocese?”.

Post Episode Wrap-Up & Evaluation: 

“I was happy to see the back of Malcolm Turnbull”

yyssw. k. feck off. U had me rght ^ 2 ther. I put ^ w yor yung Liberal rhetoric, I put ^ w yor “hug an Abbott” stance- bt wen U actively criticise & wer glad 2 b rid of d most thoughtful, intelligent & modR8 Liberal leadR n d lst two decades- n. I’m SBTA. We can’t b fRnds NEmor.

Translation: – yeah. ok. fuck off. You had me right up to there. I put up with your Young Liberal rhetoric, I put up with your “hug an Abbott” stance- but when you actively criticise & were glad to be rid of the most thoughtful, intelligent and moderate Liberal leader in the last two decades- no. I’m sorry. We can’t be friends anymore.

Rating: 0/10


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