Post-#qanda evaluation: 4th July 2011

In Q&A Evaluations on July 4, 2011 by mjwill91

Topic: Terra Nullius, Carbon Pricing, Misogyny, Same Sex Marriage, Foreign Investment, Live Export, Mental Illness

– Note: Tonight’s blog is shorter, not feeling too well –

Stephen O’Doherty – CEO, Christian Schools Australia, Former Coalition MP

Is it wrong that I was surprised that he didn’t live halfway up Tony Abbott’s rear? O’Doherty’s criticism of Tony Abbott’s “wrecking” tactics, whilst not unique- was interesting to see coming from a right perspective and a former Liberal Party MP at that. Even more shocking was when he started discussing the benefits of tripartisan (ALP, LNP and GRN) agreement (shock horror!!) – who knew anyone related to the Liberal Party (even formerly) was capable of thinking down the path of mutually beneficial compromise.

Also unsurprisingly O’Doherty doesn’t support a change in the definition of marriage- unsurprising because he’s CEO of conservative Christian Schools Australian and comments on record supporting something that powerful people in the conservative movement oppose aren’t conducive to keeping ones job.

“Like the government, I like to start low” – Innuendo from the CEO of Christian Schools Australia? Tonight is full of surprises.

Rating: 5.5/10

Penny Wong – Finance Minister

My opinion of Wong is well known. Whilst I’d like to like her, I find myself unable to do so- due to her “parroting” of the ALP’s party line. Tonight was slightly different, she seemed a little more “herself” and a little less “party hand-puppet”. Saying that, she was “puppet-esque” at times, her attempts to explain parts of the Carbon Tax without revealing key features of the policy 6 days early were somewhat frustrating, but also mildly humorous.

Penny once again was asked the obligatory Same Sex Marriage question. She came out and said that she would be supporting a change in the Marriage Act to allow for same sex couples to marry at the ALP National Conference in December. Finally it looks as if we’re beginning to move towards the right direction re: total equality.

“when you’ve finished waving your hands around Mathias…” 

Tony: “can a misogynist make a great lover?” 

Penny: “I have no idea, I’m not qualified” 


Rating: 7/10

Charles Waterstreet – flamboyant barrister

Waterstreet’s roll as “everyman” in the Climate Change debate was an interesting roll. It’s something we haven’t seen on #qanda before, someone who doesn’t know much on the topic, and is willing to admit this. He made a joke of believing Wong, then believing Cormann- which while humerous also displayed the idea that there are people out there who are genuinely unsure re: climate change & how government should respond.

Recipient of a strange “can misogynists be good lovers” question from a slightly unhinged “wealthy dowager-esque” woman was somewhat… disconcerting. Really, really disconcerting.

“Marriage has a meaning in laws? You can change laws”

“Think about gay divorces, who gets the Kylie Minogue collection??” – ha!! 

Rating 6.5/10

Elizabeth Ann Macgregor – Director of the MCA

The idea that Climate Change policy is too important to allow government to mess it up was an interesting point of view, one that I’d never really entertained before- but makes sense when you think about it. Saying that, of course it could never be- but in a perfect world decisions would be made by people who aren’t simply pandering to the fickle nature of a largely ignorant electorate.

Rating: 5/10

Mathias Cormann – Shadow Assistant Treasurer

How Mathias can argue for the Opposition’s Direct Action Policy by claiming that the government’s plan will cost families and businesses, and that their own (which will be funded through budget savings- technically a cost on families and businesses) is superior was rather specious reasoning, the sort of specious reasoning that we’ve all grown accustomed to from the Coalition under Tony Abbott.

Unsurprisingly Cormann isn’t supportive of gay marriage, because apparently marriage is “something special between a man and a woman” – which elicited obligatory jeers from the audience- thank god.

Rating: 4.5/10



– Matt. @mjwill90


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