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The People Are Revolting!

In Politics: Environment,Politics: Rallies & Protests on March 23, 2011 by mjwill91

There is a lot to be said re: the actual efficacy of the pricing of carbon. Whether or not the government’s model will actually achieve the noble goals that it has set out to is yet to be seen. Therefore, there should be robust debate on the specifics of the carbon price and whether or not it’s the best model to adopt. The operative word there is ‘should’. Instead of that, we get this:

Apparently 'realism' is communism. Menzies is rolling in his grave.

Or this gem:

I'm not entirely sure what it means...

Would it be wrong of me to say, “of course these protestors live in the Land of Disney”?

Nice poster. Did your local LNP member give it to you?

I hppen to leik thiss won:

It's spelt 'Labor' not 'Labour' - another person failed by the Howard-Era education system

I for one like this strange ‘madman’s manifesto’:

Is Charlie Sheen writing the No-CT signs? #winning

I think this one is my person favourite:

Nice. Classy. Tactful. Tea Party.

I like the fact that the flame motif across the bottom not only conjures up images of Gillard’s red hair, but also implicitly suggests that Julia Gillard is a atheist-heathen that is doomed to burn in hell. Nice.

I’d love to share you the picture of the giant crucifix, but i can’t find it- i’ll update this post if I do happen to find it.

Oh, and to make the rally even better, there was a surprised guest.

Pauline Hanson…..*facepalm*

She's somewhere under this sign...

While the former One nation leader said she wasn’t at the rally to speak, she said she was there as a concerned citizen.

‘Gillard has no idea what it’s like to shop for a family’ (nice, at least you aren’t calling her barren)

When was the last time she went to put fuel in her car?

– Matt @mjwill90



Monday Night Q&A Panelist Evaluation (March 21st, 2011)

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Topics: Libyan Crisis, Christmas Island Riots, Julia Gillard’s ‘hypocrisy’, The Future of Rudd, Carbon Price, Tax Cuts


I got on #qanda again – yep. just that cool.

@mjwill90: a Libyan Ground War with Western troops is totally inevitable now Q&A

Check it!


Jason Clare – The Minister for Defence Materiel

Rather ineffectual panelist. Somewhat disappointing. Does anyone remember anything that he said? I think not. Rating: 3/10. Winner: ‘Worst Panelist of the Week’

Miranda Devine – Conservative Columnist

The Female Pyne. Rating: 4.6/10 (get’s .1 more than Pyne because she’s something to look at at least. sort of)

Lachlan Harris – Kevin Rudd’s former press secretary

Clearly the crowd favourite, Lachlan Harris is the sort of person that many would want to see as a socially liberal Prime Minister. Asked many ‘titillating’ questions re: working for Rudd, Ruddleaks and should Rudd have been replaced. HE argued against Julia Gillard’s current ‘hypocrisy’ re: euthanasia, marriage equality and the Bible, a very disappointing standpoint that Gillard has shared (she probably shouldn’t have). Rating: 6.9/10. Winner of ‘Best Panelist of the Week’

Christine Milne – Deputy Leader of the Greens

I dislike Milne. I feel that she thinks that she has ‘force majere’ when it comes to joint govt x Greens policies. Her comments on the scope of a carbon price extending to fuel were completely out of place, and did significant damage to the carbon price debate’s early days. Aside from that, she performed fairly well tonight. She didn’t challenge many current preconceptions of The Greens… well except in her support of military intervention in Libya. She attempted to say something about ‘non-violence brought about through military intervention (violence) that didn’t work too well. Rating: 5/10.

Christopher Pyne – Opposition education spokesperson

For the most ‘Irritating Person in Australian Politics’ and my personally most ‘disliked’ MP in The House, he didn’t do a terrible job. He was far less irritating that I thought he’d be. He didn’t use the word ‘invader’ or ‘illegal’ once. I was prepared for a ‘shoe-nami’ to slam into the ‘coastline’ of my TV, but I only threw something once- during his rant about the ‘importance of the Bible in understanding & shaping Western Liberalism‘. My left, red Chuck Taylor’s All Star went flying at the screen as I repressed the need to vomit. Seriously. Anyone who seriously thinks that can go outside and bite the curb, I’ll be out in a minute to deal with them. Rating 4.5/10



Ok, this was close. While I’d like to say that it was @JoshThomas87’s question, it wasn’t. It was a poll that Jones took of the audience, who were asked to raise their hands if they think that Tony Abbott really thinks that climate change exists….

Count those hands...

– Matt. @mjwill90


Madness Takes It’s Toll on Senator’s Dignity

In Politics: Environment,Politics: Genral,Politics: Immigration on March 3, 2011 by mjwill91

As many of you may already know, I have never little ‘time’ for The Senate. Now, to clarify- it’s not solely because I come from a state without a Senate (yes, Queensland is unicameral- make your ‘backwards state’ jokes), it’s also because quite frankly it’s an utter bore-fest. Usually.

The 6 year term of The Senate and the fact that both Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet (and implicitly the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader) are made of Members of the House of Representatives, makes the aforementioned house ‘where it’s at’. Now I’m not the first to have disparaging views re: The Senate with former Prime Minister Keating once describing The Senate as ‘unrepresentative swill’, but perhaps my views re: drollery of The Senate may have been misplaced…. after all the STRANGEST thing I’ve seen in this most recent political cycle (June ’10 – now) happened in The Senate less than 12 hours ago.

Now, I don’t know too much about Senator Mary Jo Fisher. She’s not from my State, and as previously mentioned i’m not one of the ‘deviants’ who watch Senate procedures- so I really can’t make any sort of judgement of her based on her behaviour, her beliefs & what she stands for politically. I can however pass judgement on what may be the most HORRIFIC thing i’ve seen ‘politically’ since that highly unfortunate photograph of former Foreign Affairs Minister during the Howard Government Alexander Downer.

Behold. The strangest thing I’ve seen in a very long time:

Where. To. Begin……. Dear God….

I’m a fan of small-scale political stunts. I don’t mind when the Govt. tries to table a giant poster outlining Abbott’s failure. I don’t mind when all the Opposition MPs hold up signs of Gillard captioned ‘there will never be a carbon tax under a government I lead’ while shouting ‘shame’ (and Pyne shouting ‘slag’). It’s stunts like these that make #QT (Question Time) particularly humorous  to watch…

Senator Mary Jo Fisher (dignity still intact)

HOWEVER. When it comes to a middle aged, ‘school librarian’-esque Senator goes on a 5 minute long rant about the carbon ‘tax while singing both the Hokey Pokey and then The Time Warp….. I’m not sure I can approve. It’s not like it isn’t a funny political stunt and if this story gets picked up in the morning it’ll have achieved what it was set out to do- attract media interest… however… does it send the right message to the voting public?

With the recent ‘spate’ of media ‘mishaps’ (read: absolute cock-ups) that the Liberal Party (and by extension The National Party) have had: Shit Happens-Gate, Asylum Seeker FuneralGate, BernadiGate, Gaddafi/ChemicalAliGate (Dutton) and GaddafiGate (Mirabella), you’d think they would be trying to minimise negative media attention. Apparently not.

Unless Senator Fisher went in there and did that whole song & dance routine off the cuff, it means that the ‘abomination’ we witnessed was scripted and planned. If it was scripted and planned you’d think somewhere along the ‘chain of approval’ someone would have said something along the lines of ‘this is going to make her (and by extension us) look like a complete goose (geese)’. Apparently not.

I’m sure that she probably thought that it would come off as a witty attack against the Govts. carbon price proposal… I don’t know how someone could come to that conclusion, because clearly she came off looking like an unhinged goose…

Frankly: If I was Brian Loughnane I’d take a good hard look at the media advisors & script writers that the Federal Liberal Party had in their employ… and then fire the lot of them, as they clearly aren’t doing a very good job (perhaps they are ALP plants?).

'Liberal Party Time Warp' ad from the Sept '10 Election

Also, did anyone else find it more than just a little hypocritical that a Liberal Party Senator was accusing the ALP of being ‘backwards’/ doing the ‘Time Warp’. Now, before you start sniping at me about how partisan that last comment was remember, they are a CONSERVATIVE party. The dictionary definition of conservative is as follows:

Conservative (adj), holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion. (read: Backwards)

So. Before I leave I thought I’d share with you my favourite part of Senator Fisher’s ‘perplexing’ display. Funnily enough it’s not even something she said/ did. At 3mins 36secs after Fischer says ‘she’s [Julia] going to have to bring those knees in tight’, you can clearly hear either a ALP/Green Senator / someone in the gallery yelling out ‘Oh my God!’. I don’t know why, but that part appeals to me the most- and represents the feelings I had while watching it for the first time.

Well, I’d better be off- it’s almost time for the launch of the iPad2 (or whatever it’ll be called) and I need to get over to a liveblog to watch events unfold. I’ll leave you with this. Goodnight (and i sort of hope you’re eating breakfast while reading this). Appetite. Forever lost.

'dem sexy gams

– Matt @mjwill90


Monday Night Q&A Panelist Evaluation (Feb 28, 2011)

In Politics: Environment,Politics: Genral,Politics: Immigration,Q&A Evaluations on February 28, 2011 by mjwill91

Topics: The Carbon Price (or Tax), Climate Change, Multiculturalism, foreign aid, mis-quoting Shakespeare, Cost of Living Pressures

Piers Akerman – Political commentator

Piers Akerman is the sort of man that you either love or hate… and if you love him it means you’re a raging ‘rightcore’ loon who’s grasp on reality is weak to say the least. Akerman didn’t do much to sway the belief that he is a muckraking pig, by acting like a muckraking pig. At one point he even went so far as to imply that all of Samah’s friends were Muslim because she is. Wake up Akerman- it’s 2011, you’ve been asleep for 60 years. The low point of the entire program came when instead of encouraging a 14 yo boy to chose whatever party he feels will serve the nation best, Akerman launched into a tirade about the BER and Rudd’s laptop scheme and presumably ‘the boats’ as well. Rating: 2/10 Winner: Belligerent Pig Award for Sustained Disservice to the National Interest.

Samah Hadid – UN Youth Representative

Probably could be regarded as the ‘unknown’ panelist… although after tonight’s show probably not for much longer. Samah is a perfect representation of the ‘new young Australian’ movement. She’s young, she’s intelligent and she’s articulate. She’s the face of Australia’s ‘educated Gen Y’ citizens. While not recieving as much airtime as other panelists, she used her time effectively- attacking the belief that some Australians hold re: foreigners must totally integrate if they want to live here. She’s an example of everything the Liberal Far-Right (formerly One Nation) hates: a female Muslim who wears religious clothes, isn’t oppressed by them- and is in fact empowered by her spirituality and heritage whilst being able to uphold key democratic & ‘australian’ values. If there more people like Samah were able to get into the media ‘spotlight’, the legitimacy of the Far-Rights’ stance on immigration & naturalisation would greatly be diminished. Rating 7/10. Winner – Best Panelist of the Feb 28th Show.

Malcolm Turnbull – Shadow Communications Minister

Turnbull had to face some extremely tough questioning on tonight’s show, and for the most part he stood up to it fairly well (with some political question skirting here and there). My current biggest problem with Turnbull isn’t necessarily Q&A related -being that he doesn’t seem to represent the Liberal Party at all- subtly overstepping the party line on many occasions. However- it still appears as if he has ‘bent’ to Abbott’s will- a shame given that Turnbull is orders of magnitude more intelligent that Abbott. Samah Hadid said it best when she asked him ‘do you talk like this in Shadow Cabinet, because if you don’t you probably should’. Turnbull was pretty good overall- but overall it was an average at best performance, we’ve all seen him perform FAR better than this. Rating 5/10

Bill Shorten – Assistant Treasurer

I have some what of a political ‘crush’ on Shorten. He smiles at the right times, he comes across as a fairly genuine person (for a politician) and when he needs to be- he can be vicious. I’ve been predicting the ‘ascension’ of Shorten and Combet for quite some time now (Sept. 09) and with his current performance I think it’ll be sooner rather than later. HOWEVER I DIGRESS- my biggest problem with Shorten’s performance was his seemingly unwillingness to answer questions in a straight forward manner. Saying that, Turnbull was equally (if not more so) guilty of the same thing- so I guess it’s a politician thing. All in all, Shorten was fairly good- but could have been much MUCH better (like Turnbull) Rating: 5/10

Gretel Killeen – Comedian and former Big Brother host

I think I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely shocked when Killeen was annouced last week as a panelist for tonight’s show. I though ‘what could she possibly bring to Q&A?’, and frankly I thought it would be a terrible idea. Well, looks like I had to eat a slice of ‘humble pie’. Despite not having as much ‘airtime’ as Turnbull or Shorten, she clearly outshone both of their performances. She asked all the right questions, and wasn’t afraid of being critical of the ‘blah blah blah’ that permeates both of the major parties. At one point I found myself horrified that Killeen was making more sense than our elected officials. Rating: 6.5/10 Runner up- Best Panelist of the Feb 28th show.


The Carbon Price: Labor’s ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ Card

In Politics: Environment,Politics: Genral on February 24, 2011 by mjwill91

Before I begin, I need to clarify a few things.

  • I am not a believer in Anthropogenic Global Warming. Layman’s: I do not believe that human activity is the main cause of climate change. Saying that, if I was shown incontrovertible evidence that showed we were, I’d be willing to re-evaluate my position
  • HOWEVER! I am a believer in Climate Change. Now some of you might be wondering ‘what is the difference between AGW and climate change’, well basically AGW infers that human pollution is the cause of climate change, and climate change by itself simply refers to a change in climatic conditions. You would have to be an idiot of Tony Abbott proportions to say that the climate of Earth isn’t  changing, isn’t warming… because it is. Why? Because we are coming out of an Ice-Age, one of the coldest Ice-Ages that there has been… If the Earth wasn’t warming back to it’s ‘average temp’ (we still have a fair way to go) we’d be in real trouble.
  • Now that you know that about me, you’d probably be thinking, ‘that means Matt doesn’t think that a Carbon Price will help stop global warming’ – that is EXACTLY what I think. HOWEVER (again) that doesn’t mean a Carbon Price is a bad idea. I’d prefer to live in a pollution free world & in fact I support a Carbon Price for this very reason.

So…. the thing that everyone wants to know…. Why did Labor introduce a Carbon Price when Julia Gillard 24hrs out from the election promised that we wouldn’t get one. Simple. All election promises are contingent on that party being elected as a majority government, if they aren’t able to form a majority then all bets are off. Remember what politicians say ‘if you elect me I promise that….’ – well. We didn’t give Julia Gillard a mandate to govern us, she sought that from the Independents, which was the right move. We didn’t give her a majority government- which means frankly that she could rightfully not give out any of the ‘election tidbits’ that she promised.

That still doesn’t answer the question as to Labor’s motivation. Sure, a ‘clean, green world’ and ‘not being left behind’ are two of the probable reasons for Labors Carbon Price policy, but they aren’t the best reason, the REAL reason… which is, of course- the fact that a large portion of the politically left were ‘jaded’ enough by Rudds’ failure to not vote Labor, and were too terrified at the possibility of a Coalition majority in The Senate that they voted Green.

A Most Unusual Press Conference Pic: Kym Smith Source: Herald Sun

The 2011/2014 Senate which will start on the 1st of July this year has four new Greens Senators, bringing the ‘Green bloc’ to 9, giving them the balance of power & effectively making them the ‘Australian Democrat Party of the 21st Century’. Personally, I see this as a good thing. Neither party in its’ current form deserves the right to hold a majority in The Senate.

This means that come July, Gillard will not only have to deal with having to haggle for votes in the House of Representatives (perhaps not so much now that Oakeshott wouldn’t touch the Coalition with a 10ft pole), but also deal with a Senate that, while not being necessarily ‘hostile’ would need significant greasing/placating to operate effectively.

While Tony Abbott might be bellowing on about ‘Great Big New Taxes’ and a cost of living increase (we’ll ignore that it was his party that instituted the 10% on everything GST), what Gillard has attempted to do is, not only show the caucus that she is able to succeed where Rudd failed (and stalling Shorten’s knife- for now), not only please former Labor voters that turned on Rudd after the abandonment of the ETS but also make Greens voters happy, which in turn makes The Greens happy- and a ‘happy’ Greens party majority in The Senate is exactly what Julia Gillard needs if this is to be her ‘year of action’

Matt. @mjwill90