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Three Cheers For Sensible Democracy! … ‘Please Explain?’

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I’m not the most ardent fan of democracy. Only because democracy seems to be based on the assumption that the majority of voters have greater intellect than the common beagle. A flawed assumption.

HOWEVER- It seems that for once, the people seem to have gotten it right. The rejection of Pauline Hanson by the electorate (well, not rejection- she came too close) is a sign that there is at least as slim majority of people out there who aren’t as dumb as dirt.

Pauline, having played the race-card & failed has nothing left in bag of tricks

Because, when it comes down to it, what was Hanson running on? Yes, i know she had her justice for families (presumably white, nuclear families) / cheaper groceries ‘my shopping trolley, murdered’ message- but come on, really? Every politician runs on that angle.

The fact is that the only reason she got so very very close to getting in was due to her riding the ‘wave’ of racism past. She nearly got in off the back of joke-votes and the votes of people whose views on immigration and race are not the societal norm.

But, she didn’t.

So. I’m going to chalk that up as a win for democracy.

Have a great day.



– Matt. @mjwill90





Monday Night Q&A Panelist Evaluation (March 7, 2011)

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Topics: The Status of Women, Quota Systems, The Status of Banks, Climate Change Legislation

Joe Hockey – Shadow Treasurer

I was sure that tonight we’d be hearing ‘Question Time ballyhooing Hockey’ – boy was I wrong. He wasn’t blusterous, he didn’t passionately oppose for the sake of opposition (like a certain someone in that party), he was well spoken and made a lot of sense. I’m unsure if he’s standing up for the long ignored Liberal Party moderates, or whether he was just in a ‘non-combative’ mood tonight. Once again, a surprisingly good show from Hockey, very unexpected given lackluster performances by recent politicians on Q & A. Rating 6.5/10 Winner: Sensible Politician Award (inaugural)

Gail Kelly – Westpac CEO

Gail Kelly was ‘widely tipped’ to ‘win’ Best Panelist for this episode, long before the episode went to air… and those tippers were right. It’s hard to justify increasing interest rates and claim that the raise was necessary for the bank’s continued operation before weeks later posting a $5b (first quarter) profit, but if anyone could do it, it’d be Kelly- and she did. Understandably many of the questions were for her, including one from her own employees- which some have interpreted as a ‘Dixer’ and others have interpreted as a ‘career killing move’ – and she handled them well. I don’t think that i’ve ever seen ‘Gail Kelly for PM’ before… and i don’t think it’s crossed many people’s minds… before tonight. Rating: 7.95/ 10 Winner: Best Panelist of the March 7th Show

Kate Ellis – Minister for the Status of Women

Ellis Ellis Ellis… I used to really like you, but your performance tonight was frankly lackluster. Ellis continued the recent trend of politicians coming on to the show, and giving an utterly underwhelming performance (Turnbull and Shorten). ALSO- she started ‘drifting into Abbott territory’ by going into a ‘wrecker rant’ during the last question of the night- when Hockey had been nothing but moderate and frankly bipartisan. Poor form Ms Ellis. Rating: 3.5/10

Janet Albrechtsen – opinion(ated) columnist for The Australian

Albrechtsen was completely and totally underwhelming. I was expecting a show (i think we all were), but it never came. I don’t always agree with Janet, but I always appreciate the ‘spectacle’. She was a non-entity. Her seat might as well have been filled by a by some form of shapely inanimate object. Seriously. She just wasn’t there. Rating: 2/10 Winner- Worst Panelist of the March 7th Show.

Mike Carlton – journalist and political commentator

Once again Carlton stood up for the left. Another one of the chronically underused panelists. I will say that his snorts of indignation (perhaps) or of utter surprise (probably more likely) when Hockey was talking about bipartisanship in the parliament was HI-larious! Also, for someone who doesn’t claim to know ‘that much’ about feminism, he did a great job explaining 21st century post-feminism feminism. Rating 4.5/10

Next week- Julia Gillard – can’t wait!

– Matt. @mjwill90


A New Experiment

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Hi everyone,

Presumably if you’re here it means you got the link of me in some capacity, so you probably already know my basics (read: Twitter Bio), so I’d like to go into a little bit more detail if I can.

I love politics. I have for as long as I can remember. Sure, sometimes politics isn’t pretty- sometimes it’s downright disgusting (like the events of the last week), however despite all that my love for politics has never waned. I had always planned to start writing like this earlier, however the people around me had (still have) no real interest in politics, so I never felt like setting up a blog such as this one would have any point- after all, why write something no one will read?

In 2009 I discovered Twitter. Have to come clean and say that I didn’t care much for it. I didn’t know anyone, the #tags were confusing & I felt it lacked substance when compared to Facebook. By chance in early November 2010 I decided to log back in one wednesday afternoon during #QT (Question Time to my non-twitter friends) and happened to stumble upon the aforementioned #tag. Since then there hasn’t been a day that I haven’t tweeted at least once, I was hooked.

It took me some time to realise that the ever expanding political community that I was discovering on Twitter was that audience that I sought back in early 2009 when instead of a ‘political blog’ I started writing a personal one. So, I’m not exactly sure what to write next except to say- I hope that this ‘experiment’ of mine pays off & I also hope that I’m able to draw in some readers, and not bore them too much/ try to avoid losing them.

Anyway, as you can read the blog is called ‘Standpoint’, suggested by my friend  @BronOB. Why did I choose Standpoint? Well, for one it instantly does away with the idea that this is anyone else’s view but mine, and for that I’m completely unapologetic. This is my standpoint. It’s my analysis of what I happen to see. Politically I’m a Centralist- a swinging one. Sometimes I’m ‘more centre-left’ and other times I’m more ‘centre-right’, saying that I feel that I should probably declare that if an election were called tomorrow I’d vote Labor, and I’d continue to vote Labor until The Liberal/National Coalition is no longer lead by a political extremist, after that- it’s anyones guess who I’d vote for.

So. I hope that I haven’t bored any of you away (of course if I have you probably won’t be reading this…), um- lets say I hope I haven’t bored too many of you away (more reasonable). I hope to keep this blog ‘fresh’ as in updated fairly regularly. Of course If I’m not, you can always pester me on Twitter until I do. My user is @mjwill90 , add me. talk to me. agree/disagree. possibly disagree some more. end up blocking me, It’s all good.

Hopefully I’ll have my first ‘proper’ post up either sometime tonight or tomorrow morning and of course the topic will be (predictably) the last week in politics, specifically the undercurrent of xenophobia in the current political climate.

I hope this is the start of something interesting! – Matt.


Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!